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  1. delay or postpone action due to playing a video game; put off doing something to play games.
    “Don’t gamecrastinate all day, you have a paper due tomorrow morning”
    synonyms: delay, put off doing something, postpone action, defer action, be dilatory, use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, drag one’s feet/heels,take one’s time, play for time, play a waiting game

“Just one more level”

Most gamers have probably uttered those four simple words at some point in their life. At Gamecrastinate, we understand that you’re a lazy punk kid who plays too much video games because we were (and might still be) lazy punk kids who play to much video games.

Gamecrastinate is an indie friendly video game site dedicated to the world of computer games. Founded in 2013, Gamecrastinate’s articles have been featured

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Managing Editor 
Peter Downey
Peter Downey Gamecrastinate
Peter Downey is an American video game journalist, web designer, and security consultant living in Winter Park, Florida. He’s been a member of the PC Master Race since receiving his first PC in 1994.
Associate Editor
Nicole Oquendo

Nicole Oquendo GamecrastinateNicole Oquendo is a writer, artist, editor, and teacher at Full Sail University. In almost every spare minute (oh, there are too few), she is catching up on video games. Her tastes are as widespread as her job description, ranging from JRPGs to FPSs and almost everything in between. Nicole also writes for www.TimeToPublish.com. You can check out her personal site at NicoleOquendo.com.