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  1. Sharkiller
    Sharkiller at |

    all xbox exclusives are made in pc for pc and then fit it in the console. is not ported, is already done with DX in pc.

    1. FraterFireCat
      FraterFireCat at |

      People should not be so surprised that Microsoft has done such a thing , Forza is the best sim right now , What dose surprise me is that GT6 didn’t adapt some of forzas features in their game , I was very upset that Sony didn’t make a game that was as good to play as Micorsoft ,

      Personally I think Microsoft was kicking both pc and sony in the face with what they could do .

      Someone needs come up with a racing sim that makes Forza look like a joke .

      Microsoft has issued a challenge to both PC and Sony racing sim makers

      1. Streetsports
        Streetsports at |

        Windows 10. Bet u feel stupid now huh.

        1. Gamecrastinate.com
          Gamecrastinate.com at |

          Still needs an Xbox One to even run it. Any game with the slightest bit of intelligence would never buy an Xbox One

  2. minime
    minime at |

    agreed! they should release it on STeam!

  3. Jake
    Jake at |

    Hey look, a PC gaming site crying because a console exclusive won’t be on PC. How cute.

  4. Adrian Aghaie
    Adrian Aghaie at |

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ F1 2014 will be on PC.
    Full 1080p at 60 FPS, Start your crying….NOW!

  5. Ken
    Ken at |

    “You don’t see Apple showing off how easily their iPhone could run the more powerful Android OS.” Haha, yeah right, more powerful…

    1. brett
      brett at |

      it is a superior mobile os in every way just so you know but if you live in a bubble and are in a heard of sheep sure ios is great (joke)…

    2. Andrei
      Andrei at |

      well maybe.. because it is?

  6. mazer322
    mazer322 at |

    all ve need is nfs new game what is can beat that shit from microsoft and be best all again just fuking wait 2015 and we see

  7. Thomas
    Thomas at |

    no matter what racing games come out on the pc, people will probably still want forza not just as a sim but for its range of customization ability. i have personally never played any of the forza games and i really want to be able to on pc.

  8. Vex
    Vex at |

    Clearly an old article, but anyone looking for a great racing sim, check out Project Cars. It’s the most technically advanced racing sim due to release in March. Give it a look and check out a game that makes Forza look like a joke.

  9. not needed
    not needed at |

    1 question, if IOS is better then why is apple hemorrhaging fanboys to android after starting from a monopolised position? and if you think cost is a factor there why are iPhail’s still so amazingly over priced? before your knee jerk reaction screaming it’s a better phone google iPhone 6 vs Nexus 4… I’ll wait and when you come back I’ll say welcome to 2012

  10. Tony Ray
    Tony Ray at |

    Real PC gamers are not interested in this game and many like it that are exclusive to Xbox one or PS4 and the ones who are simply buy a console. My vid cards are worth more than an Xbox one and PS4 combined. Anyone who knows anything knows that these type of games are much better played on a console anyway.

    1. Momo
      Momo at |

      dont like pls im interested to play Forza horizon 2 but i wont buy xb1 for that to bad

  11. Fart knocker
    Fart knocker at |

    uh… project cars physics makes forza a joke.

  12. acab
    acab at |

    project cars is great driving game but it has been stipped for the fun in game..upgades win a car, earn money to buy a new car and tune it up…wtf din`t they put that in game?? and no handbrake aswell…lol..so i hope Forza can come to PC it will rule for many years!

  13. Nothappy
    Nothappy at |

    This is a reason why i wont consider buying MICROSOFT products and just be a pirated guy


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