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    Personally, I only have Origin and Steam for the occasional game they offer that strikes me as something I can’t pass up. I am definitely not the core audience they are going for though, I don’t buy games just to have them digitally, I only buy games I will play.

    My wife plays Sims 3 a lot, and will do the same with Sims 4 when it releases, so we are predetermined to have to have Origin installed.

    Steam is a victim of its own success. The store is too big to find anything within a reasonable time frame. The design was fine when it was Valve games only, for the most part, but now, it is just out of hand.

    Origin needs to get some of those classic EA titles up to set it apart from other digital stores. If they don’t have the license to do them, they need to get them for stuff like Star Flight 1 and 2, the complete Need for Speed series (Underground 2 is a lot better than the first one in my opinion). They need to get the Dungeon Keeper games up.

    Then price them accordingly. Like $5 to $10 each, at most, and add in additional stuff like box scans, digital manuals, promotional art and other things that only EA would have (if they still do). They have to go all in as THE place for gamers if they want to stand a chance.

    It is a shame that you can purchase classic released titles on other digital stores but not on Origin. They are doing the Microsoft business process that is crippling the Surface tablet (releasing better versions of core MS software on the competitors tablets first).

    EA can make Origin something of a retro gaming fan’s home on the web but they aren’t even trying at the moment. There is more to EA’s past, and future, than just Battlefield.


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