Age of Wonders III Golden Realms Expansion Released

age of wonder 3 AoW3_GoldenRealms_Warp_Domain (2)

Age of Wonders III’s first expansion, Golden Realms, released yesterday on Steam. Golden Realms expands upon the base games empire building mechanics and introduces tons of brand new content for players to enjoy. Featuring a new single player story campaign where Halflings settle in a far off land filled with danger and untold treasures.

New Content Includes:

  • The Halfling Race
  • Golden Realms Campaign
  • Exotic Map Locations
  • Over twenty new units
  • New Hero Items
  • Wild Magic Specialization
  • Partisan Specialization
  • Two hand crafted scenarios

Learn more about Age of Wonders III and the Golden Realms expansion at

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