FLootball.com – the Result of Mixing Lootable Items with Fantasy Football


Veteran fantasy football players are likely all too familiar with what happens when you waste your top draft pick on a player whose performance ends up being a bit lackluster. Those countless nights spent hunched over on the couch with your face resting deeply in your palms, your tears providing enough lubrication to slowly shake your head back and forth in disappointment may officially be over thanks to FLootball.com. If you’ve ever wanted to have more control over the performance of your fantasy players, sports gamers may want to check out this new twist on the classic fantasy football game.

Broken Envelope Productions announced today the launch of Flootball.com, a new fantasy football site that adds gamer-friendly stats and loot to the classic fantasy football formula.

Team owners add various items like helmets, jerseys, cleats, and more to the players on their fantasy roster. Each item has an RPG-style influence on a player’s performance, providing a boost to fantasy points as well as customization and tweaking options familiar to every gamer.

At certain milestones, additional loot and gold drop into the team owner’s Loot Locker, providing more options for tweaking and customizing players on their roster as well as the chance to purchase additional upgrades at the in-game store. Over 100 unique items are now available including helmets, jerseys, gloves, pants, and cleats with more to be added over the course of the season.

FLootball provides 100% free commissioner-style fantasy “Flootball” leagues as well as more traditional leagues for those looking for their fantasy football fix.

You can learn more about the game and jump into the action at FLootball.com.

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