Nvidia GTX 760 TI Appears online as a rebranded 670

Numerous hardware sites are reporting the GeForce GTX 760 TI has quietly appeared on nvidia’s website. The card shares a pcb reference design as well as performance specs with GTX 670 from early 2012.

The card is listed as an OEM option so expect to see this card as a budget option in the pre-built desktop sector shortly.

Sadly the GTX 760 TI appears to actually deliver worse performance when compared to the GTX 760 released earlier this year. Nvidia has a nasty habit of rebranding cards from previous years and it appears the 760 TI will be no different. It’s troubling that they would use the TI designation with a lower market card (if these early reports are true).

This news comes at a crucial time for Nvidia with the holiday buying frenzy coming up and the recent launch of the R7 & R9 ATI cards. Nvidia has found itself in a situation where they have no product to compete clock for clock in the $200 space that ATI is controlling at the moment. Ideally we’ll see Nvidia reduce the price of the 760 before Christmas to regain some of the lost marketshare with the low budget enthusiast market.


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