1. Crazie MK
    Crazie MK at |

    This don’t mean its coming to PC because No mans sky would of been made on a pc in the first place so they would of need controls to test it out and play around in the code.

    1. kharmavirus
      kharmavirus at |

      Yeah sure, let’s add SLI support just so we can test the game.

      1. Tim
        Tim at |

        It will be timed PS4 exclusive I’m sure, considering how well the PS4 is selling, No Mans Sky will sell loads on PS4 alone.

  2. drew
    drew at |

    The penis tip was a nice touch. Subtle, but funny.

  3. Anders
    Anders at |

    From Eurogamer: “We’re definitely coming to PS4. I would like to come to PC. Whether that arrives the same day – we’re a small team!”

  4. Very_true
    Very_true at |

    Good, they should drop the PoS4 only BS and come to as many platforms as they can fast. It’s the only way it’ll sell.


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