Rust sells 150,000 copies in 2 weeks


Is Rust the next DayZ? It certainly looks like the game is catching on in a big way on Steam.

You know what’s crazy? I always said that we’ll never make a game as popular as Garry’s Mod. GMod’s success is a fluke – and we’ll never be able to recreate anything like the popularity of it.

So I think we have all been very very surprised by Rust’s popularity. In its first two weeks Garry’s Mod sold just over 34,000. That was amazing for me. It changed my life overnight. In Rust’s first two weeks it has sold just over 150,000  copies. Which on its own is amazing. It’s even more amazing for us, because our royalty rate is 30% higher and it costs twice as much as Garry’s Mod.

As you can see from the graph above.. Rust has sold very very well. Some things to bare in mind I guess.. Garry’s Mod went on sale in 2006. It was like the 5th ever game to be sold on Steam. Steam was untested and a lot of people were suspicious of it. It wasn’t the universally loved central hub of PC gaming that is is now.

We have been knocked out by how well Rust has sold. Especially for an Early Access, unfinished alpha. Especially that we have warned people not to buy it. And especially because Rust isn’t even a 100th of the game we are envisioning.

It very much feels like we have been given all of this money – but we haven’t yet earned it. That’s something we have to do now.

– Garry Newman

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