Team Fortress 2 Countdown Ends with Expiration Date Video Reveal

The internet has been going into a full-on frenzy today with a mysterious countdown timer appearing on the Team Fortress 2 website. Rumors have been swirling all day about the demise of Team Fortress 2, the beginning of the Steam Sale, and a Team Fortress 3 announcement. As it turns out, it’s none of those!

With the countdown finally over, what’s behind it has finally been uncovered. Revealed today is a 14 minute long video titled “Expiration Date”. The short-film is a love story of sorts featuring Spy teaching Scout the ways of love. In the video, it’s revealed that everyone has 3 days left to live due to some type of alien spore inside of bread.

Players who have played TF2 recently might already be familiar with the aforementioned bread. Maybe Valve is actually on to something big here with the whole bread thing. I mean, check out this cool bread plush available on Amazon.

It’s unclear what exactly is featured in the Love & War update. The most we have to go on is this video and the name of the update. According to a new blog post on the TF2 blog, this is just “Day One”. We should probably prepare for additional news coming out about the update on a daily basis. Maybe Love & War is simply about different types of deadly bread. While that’s unlikely, bread almost surely has something to do with the upcoming content update.

The entire video was created using Source Filmmaker. You can learn more about the software at

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