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  1. asd
    asd at |

    yav he he

    1. Bsd
      Bsd at |

      Ne yav hehe si. Bildiğin sikti pc’mi.Şuan mavi ekran alıyorum windows açılırken, linux’den yazıyorum.Adam akıllı iş yapmış tebrik ediyorum skidrowum ben diye kandırdı.

  2. Matt
    Matt at |

    That’s what they get

  3. no
    no at |

    That post was faked, or he got a bad torrent. Worked for me.

    1. NoneSoFar
      NoneSoFar at |

      go to hell pirates !!

  4. James Silva
    James Silva at |

    That’s amazing. What a smart guy lol! The fags who download it cracked deserve it.

  5. Your Mother
    Your Mother at |

    If you buy this game you are the cancer killing the industry.

    1. Juhis815 (@Juhis815)
      Juhis815 (@Juhis815) at |

      Did you deliberately made this comment to promote piracy???

    2. -----
      ----- at |

      If everyone pirates their games the industry will go bankrupt and there will be no more games to play

      1. Anti-Jew
        Anti-Jew at |

        This game has 5 fucking Collectors editions, none of which brings all the “bonus” content together so to get everything you have to buy the game 5 times. Ubisoft deserves absolutely no money from this travesty.

    3. NoneSoFar
      NoneSoFar at |

      your idiot brain is the one killing industry

  6. justin
    justin at |

    skidrow ftw

  7. PenileWarts
    PenileWarts at |

    If you don’t know how to pirate a game properly and safely in 2014, you deserve to have your bank accounts cleaned out by Ruski and chink hackers.

  8. Alex
    Alex at |

    I hate the people saying “Serves you right”. I went and torrented it, yes, but I also have an active pre-order for the game. Not all of us have the intention to never buy it.

  9. Craig
    Craig at |

    Hahaa, suckers

  10. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    If you pirate a game in 2014 you deserve to lose everything. Either buy the game or dont. If you can’t afford it wait for a good sale on Steam. But pirating a game anymore really does mean you are nothing but a thief with the amount of amazing steam sales there are.

    1. jeffsbestfriend
      jeffsbestfriend at |

      k first off 2014 sucks for pirating, except for this and gta 5 coming out. Secondly, your one of the bandwagon hopping idiots that just believes what anyone says lol. Crashing and high power consumption loss is what we “deserve”? Buddy, we have things called anti virus, i’m sure if this propaganda bs was true it would be on more PCn than just some self-rightous nothing page, such as this. You obviously know nothing about anything that is going on here…….we might be thiefs but your a poser kissing ass.

    2. developers cop out
      developers cop out at |

      the last two games i didnt try before i parted with my money were awful and a waste of my hard earned cash. i always torrent first to see if its yet another waste of time console port with substandard graphics and gameplay.

      you cant even trust the demo versions as half of those end up better than the final release so until devs actually make games FOR the PC instead of shitty ports then people like mewill continue to torrent so im not wasting my money.

      A perfect eg isa the recent Wolfenstein release which was meant to have amazing graphics and gameplay but a quick 30 min pootle about and i deleted it as the graphics were rubbish and the gameplay was nothing special at all. i would have been livid if i’d thrown cash away due to over-hyped nonsense as i have done in the past, yet Star Citizen already has my money as its being developed properly and FOR PC.

    3. if developers made games for pc in 2014 we would buy them
      if developers made games for pc in 2014 we would buy them at |

      maybe if developers made games for PC instead of crappy overhyped console ports with demos that do not reflect the final release people would buy instead.

  11. Prince99999
    Prince99999 at |

    Don’t worry , the torrent downloaded from official skidrowremoved.net is safe but the one download from other sources with the same name maybe a bitcoin miner but after doing some research i found that one of the torrent is with same name but has different hash no. from the one from skidrowremoved.net. That have been removed now. so think before you pirate.

  12. kider
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    1. kider
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  13. mementopolis
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  14. fred
    fred at |

    I dunno. Sounds like an elaborate propaganda scheme.

    1. ihadadogandhisnamewasBITCOIN
      ihadadogandhisnamewasBITCOIN at |

      this shit just gives the “I don’t break the law i use steam/uplay/ea/ whatever” people a place to vent…… Go ahead rag on “pirates” all you want, you fools seems to beleive it more than us. My computer seems bit coin free to me along with the 1000’s of others :D been playing this awesome game few days before you, and you know what! i will probably buy this.

  15. FlintEstwooD
    FlintEstwooD at |

    Small price to pay for a free game!!! ARRRRRGH….

  16. bongas
    bongas at |

    Its ubisoft who planted the malware, so hopefully everyone will scare and buy the original.

  17. Buyit
    Buyit at |

    A bitcoin miner or crappy Uplay? Which one would you prefer?

    1. Morghan
      Morghan at |

      Bitcoin miner, all the way, and I buy a LOT of games…

      Just not ones that have been infected with UPlay or Origin.

  18. Joonmeh
    Joonmeh at |

    I was gonna get this until i went online to buy it and saw they were selling different versions with more missions for more money. Whatever happened to selling a full game for a single price? It all started with the horse armour selling downloadable content crap for oblivion and now every company thinks they can gouge more money out of us by deleting some levels or content from a game and asking us to pay more for it.
    Well they can F*** right off as far as i’m concerned, i’ll get it by other means. I’ve done the same with multiple other titles that i felt were ripping me off. I will add that i’ve also gladly spent my money on titles i thought were not.

  19. LOL
    LOL at |

    scare tactics LOL

  20. Morghan
    Morghan at |

    Given the option to have a bitcoin miner or UPlay/Origin on my system I think I’d rather have some cycles siphoned off to support anyone who is willing to poke Ubisoft and EA in the eye than give even a penny to publishers who think it’s okay to screw their paying customers with craptastic third-rate DRM schemes.

  21. Anish
    Anish at |

    can u link me the torrent???
    if it is on any website…or could u atleast give me the HASH???

  22. anonimo
    anonimo at |

    we will be back
    little joke there

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